Donald Trump’s Articles of Impeachment

Nancy Pelosi recently announced the creation of an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. Pluralities of the American public support impeachment, something that wasn’t initially true with Richard Nixon. As impeachment investigations heat up it’s possible Trump’s numbers could tank further and support for impeachment could increase.

228 Democrats have gone on record supporting the impeachment inquiry. One independent (Justin Amash) and one Republican (Mark Amodei) also have expressed support. If articles of impeachment are introduced, 218 votes are needed in the House. The votes to impeach Trump already exist.

If articles of impeachment are passed in the House, the Senate would be forced to hold a trial chaired by Supreme Court Justice John Roberts. In order to remove the President from office, 66 votes would be need. When Bill Clinton was impeached, 51 voted to dismiss the charges while 50 voted for it. For Trump, 47 Democrats would likely vote to remove him from office. Former Senator Jeff Flake has stated that 35 Republicans would vote for impeachment, however, this seems unlikely given Republican intransigence. Several Republicans in tough districts may be more willing to vote for Trump’s removal, more specifically Sen. Mitt Romney, Sen. Martha McSally, Sen. Susan Collins, Sen. Lisa Murkowski, and Sen. Cory Gardner. 52 votes for removal from office would mean both houses had majorities wanting Trump removed, but not enough to constitutionally do it.

The following is a list of potential impeachable offenses by Donald Trump
-Trump asked for dirt from a foreign government (Ukraine) in order to attack Joe Biden.
-Trump defied a congressional subpoena for the transcript of the call where he asked for aforementioned dirt.
-The White House covered it up, specifically Attorney General Bill Barr, Mayor Rudy Giuliani and others.
-Trump said the whistleblower should be executed in a leaked piece of audio.
-Trump refused to hand over docs to the Intelligence Inspector General, a member of his own administration with independent authority.
-Trump may have threatened to withhold funding to Ukraine in exchange for dirt on Hunter Biden. His excuse for withholding the funds was that Ukraine was corrupt. This excuse makes no sense because the US gives funds to corrupt countries all the time
-A second whistleblower has come forward about Trump taxes having undisclosed bombshells, but this fact has largely been drowned out by the other impeachable offenses.
-Trump is also an unindicted co conspirator in campaign finance violations that he directed former personal attorney Michael Cohen to produce hush money payments to two different women prior to the 2016 election. (This is the Stormy Daniels controversy)
-Trumps ability to even hold office is being challenged in an emoluments case where it’s being alleged his foreign holdings make him susceptible to influence peddling.
-Trump is being investigated for Trump Organization crimes by the Southern District of New York.
-Testimony from Michael Cohen revealed Trump likely committed tax and insurance fraud, deflating assets for tax purposes and inflating assets for insurance purposes.
-Another whistleblower shows Trump is trying to get the IRS to quash an audit.
-Trump likely collided with Israel in 2016. The Obama administration took a stance that was opposed to the construction of settlements in disputed Palestinian territory
-Trump likely collided with Saudi Arabia in 2016 over a weapons deal. Additionally, the construction of several Trump properties to be constructed their could have come in to play.
-Trump encouraged Russian interference in 2016. When he urges Russia to find Hillary Clinton’s missing emails. His campaign then used the Wikileaks data to attack his rivals. In 2017 he told Russian diplomats he didn’t care about Russia’s interference.
-Trump committed ten acts of obstruction of Justice in the Mueller report. Most involved firing key prosecutors and influencing testimony.

That’s a solid 26 potential articles of impeachment, and doesn’t include overarching charges like abuse of power.

This is a lot of potential crimes. 4 articles of impeachment were levied against Bill Clinton. 5 articles were filed against Richard Nixon. 11 articles were levied against Andrew Johnson.

In the case of Johnson, some of the articles of impeachment could be copy-pasted to Trump with slight modifications, including:

Article 10: Making three speeches with intent to “attempt to bring into disgrace, ridicule, hatred, contempt and reproach, the Congress of the United States”.

Article 11: Bringing disgrace and ridicule to the presidency by his aforementioned words and actions.

Donald Trump is no stranger to controversy. This is different. Trump looks increasingly endangered politically and legally. Even short of removal from office, he will have a black mark on his Presidency that only 3 other Presidents have.

Libertarian Socialist who writes about politics, economics, philosophy religion & history. Former Newspaper Columnist.

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